Fish passes

As part of the DNAire, we plan to install fish passes on the last four high weirs on the River Aire.  These weirs stop migratory fish like the Atlantic Salmon reaching the headwaters to spawn.

The new fish passes will allow eels, lamprey and other coarse fish to move up and down the river.

Larinier fish pass modules

Where will we do the work?

Fish passes will be built on four weirs:

Newlay (in Horsforth)

What are fish passes?

Fish passes are needed where weirs interrupt the river habitat.  The weirs we plan to work on are too high or too steep for fish to swim up.  Fish passes break the journey up the weir into shorter, less steep sections for the fish to take one at a time.  We plan to use Larinier fish passes.  Here metal baffles sit in the bottom of a concrete channel and break up the flow of water.  We will build the fish passes at the upstream end of the weir as fish tend to work their way along the weir towards this end looking for a way up the weir.

To find out more about why we need fish passes and the different types that can be built head to the Environment Agency’s website.