Working with colleges and universities

DNAire is a fantastic opportunity to bring our river alive in the classroom.  Our project will work with Schools, Colleges and Universities in Leeds, Bradford and Skipton.

We want to allow children and young people to realise the potential that STEM careers (Science, Technology and Maths) offer in protecting our natural world and tackling problems like flooding.  For much of its life the River Aire has faced problems caused by industry and engineering.  The straightening and deepening of the river enabled it be used for navigation and the weirs built during the Industrial Revolution were a valuable source of power.  However both led to a decline in fish stocks.

Now, it is engineering that is enabling us to restore the river.

Training opportunities for young people

Interested in a career helping the environment?

Through DNAire we want to offer placements for young people to allow them to gain valuable experience of the STEM roles that will make this project a success.  We are working with partners and contractors to offer placements for both undergraduates and college students studying STEM subjects including engineering and environmental science.

If you are an undergraduate studying Environmental Science, Biological Science or Engineering at the University of Leeds please contact Kate Gilbertson to enquire about the “DNAire Community Engagement Assistant and STEM Ambassador” role currently being advertised through their careers service.